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Here you’ll find links to hundreds  of current and classic TV shows — including full episodes, even full seasons of some of your favorites —  all available right now on the Internet.

And you’re not limited to watching these free programs on your computer. Using the hardware and connections we’ll show you on this Website, you’ll be able to take control of your Internet TV right from your sofa or favorite chair, and enjoy an evening of free entertainment on your big screen TV.

History of this Website

FreeTVconnection started out as an offline list of my personal links to online television. Then others expressed interest in my list, so I put it online where everyone could access it. From a simple list of links, the site grew and features were added to make it what it is today. There have been many notable enhancements, including the ability to search for programming. Possibly the most valuable feature of all is the “My Favorites” area, where every user can create their own personal list of favorite shows and access them with a click of the mouse.

FreeTVconnection is … well … FREE

You can view for free all the shows listed in the “Free TV Index” on this Website. And access to the Website, itself, is also free. You can’t beat FREE.

Membership registration is required before you can use the links, but there is no charge for this membership. The only reason for registration is to create your unique username and password, which will let you create your personal list of Favorite links.

Join FreeTVconnection Now and begin to explore Free Internet TV.

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May 26, 2016
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